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Television Appearances on Sports

Fox News Strategy with Brian Kilmeade Part I:

Fox News Strategy with Brian Kilmeade Part II:

7/31/2014 REELZ TV-Kobe Bryant Documentary
5/10/2010 Fox News Strategy Room, "Lawrence Taylor Sex Scandal"
4/14/2010 E! True Hollywood Story - Tiger Woods
4/5/2010 Fox News Strategy Room with Brian Kilmeade (see YouTube videos above)
 Listen Up TV, "Losing Faith in Sports Stars"
7/29/2007  CNN International, "Current Sports Scandals and the Impact on Fans"
3/14/2006 New Jersey News Channel 12, Interview on Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols
2/9/2006 White Plains Cable, Beyond the Game, Interview on Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols
2/8/2006 Canadian Broadcasting Company, CBC News Today, "NHL Gambling Scandal"
2/8/2006 Canadian Broadcasting Company, Canada Now, "NHL Gambling Scandal"
1/10/2006 WB11 Morning News Interview on Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols
3/25/2005 Court TV, "Corey Fuller NFL Gambling Scandal"
3/5/2004 Court TV, "Jayson Williams Murder Trial"
1/15/2002 Court TV, "Kids and Sports"
1/4/2002 Court TV, "Hockey Dad Murder Trial"
12/26/2001 Court TV, "Violence in Youth Sports"
12/4/2000 Court TV, "Rae Carruth Murder Trail"
9/16/2000 Fox News Live with John Gibson, "Sports Bad Boys"
8/10/2000 MSNBC Investigates, "Anatomy of a Sports Riot"
7/12/2000 CNN Talkback, "Parental Overinvolvement in Youth Sports"
6/27/2000 ABC 20/20, "Violence After Sports Championship Games"
2/4/2000 CNN Talkback, "NFL Players Out of Control"
3/18/1999 20/20, "Post Championship Game Riots"
10/28/1998 Fox News, "Pressures on Kids in Sports"
11/20/1995 Ask E.Jean with E.Jean Carroll, "Athletes and Abuse of Women"
6/21/1994 Good Morning America with Charlie Gibson, "Athletes as Role Models for Kids"

  Radio Interviews on Sports

12/16/2016 Turn the Page, "Being a Celebrity Athlete:The Perils and Opportunities of Fame"
10/29/2016 ESPN 1220 Marist College, "The NFL and Domestic Violence"
4/20/2016 Turn the Page, "Overcoming Self Defeating Patterns in Stock Market Investing"
7/27/2015 BBC Sportsworld, The Tour De France and Cheating in Sports
4/28/2015 SIRIUS RADIO, Law Business Insider, "The Dark Side of Sports"
11/5/2014 CLEAR CHANNEL, Philadelphia, PA, "The Dark Side of Athletes and Sports"
10/29/2014 WLM-AM, Cincinnati, OH, "Pro Athletes and Domestic Violence"
10/13/2014 WLM-AM, Cincinnati, OH, "How the NFL Can Reduce Domestic Violence"
10/9/2014 WPTF-AM, Raleigh, NC, "The Dark Side of Athletes and Sports"
10/3/2014 WGTK-AM, Louisville, KY, "Athletes Who Commit Domestic Violence"
9/30/2014 KGO-AM, San Francisco, CA, "The NFL Domestic Violence Cases"
9/29/2014 WCCO-AM, Minneapolis, MN, "Pro Athletes Who Violate Personal Boundaries"
9/28/2014 WATD-FM, Marshfield, MA, "The NFL and Domestic Violence"
9/9/2014 KABC-AM, Los Angeles, CA, "Roger Goodell and the Ray Rice Video"
11/18/2013 WEI Network, "NFL Bullying"
2/9/2013 German Public Radio Deutschlandradio Kultur, "Die Schattenseiten des Erfolgs" (The Dark Side of Success)
1/13/2013 German Public Radio Dradio Wissen, "Die Luge ist schlimmer als die Tat" (The Lie is Worse than the Act Itself)
10/23/2012 BBC Sports, "Lance Armstrong Scandal"
10/23/2012 NPR Colorado Matters, "Lance Armstrong Scandal"
4/29/2010 KPUG, Bellingham, "Athletes Who Indulge Their Dark Side"
4/16/2010 KJAM, Madison, "Athletes Who Indulge Their Dark Side"
4/8/2010 Fox News, "Athlete Who Indulge Their Dark Side"
3/24/2010 Fox Sports Radio, Pittsburgh, "Tiger Woods's Fall from the Pedestal"
  KGO, San Francisco, "Powerful Men Who Engage in Risky Behavior"
1010XL, Jacksonville, "Fallen Football Stars."
8/6/2007 WPBT, Philadelphia, "The Michael Vick and Tim Donaghy" Scandals
7/14/2006 Richard Neer Show, A Touch of Grey, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
4/22/2006 ESPN, Pittsburgh, "Pros and Cons of Athletes as Role Models for Kids"
4/6/2006 WTOP, Washington D.C., "Pushing Your Children Too Hard in Sports"
2/17/2006 KCNZ, Cedar Falls, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
2/17/2006 KQYK, Mankato, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
2/9/2006 AM 640, Toronto, John Oakley Morning Show, "NHL Gambling Scandal"
2/6/2006 KTOE, Mankato, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
1/25/2006 KPUG, Bellingham, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
12/23/2005 WCCO, Minneapolis, Sports Tonight with Eric Nelson
12/9/2005 WISE, Asheville, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
11/29/2005 KBRW, Barrow, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
11/29/2005 KFWB, Los Angeles, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
11/29/2005 KJAM, Madison, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
11/10/2005 Pat Williams Show, Orlando, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
11/8/2005 WSKO, Providence, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
11/3/2005 WFIN, Ohio, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
10/28/2005 WXCXL, Kansas City, "Integrity in Sports"
4/1/2005 WTOP, Washington D.C., "Violence after Sports Championship Games"
3/2/2004 The FAN, Ann Liguori Show, "Sports Scandals"
12/4/1997 WKMOX, St. Louis, "Violence in Pro Sports"
4/5/1996 WSDT, Toledo, "Why Pro Sports are Entrenched in Our Minds"
4/5/1996 Prime Sports Radio, "Men Who are not into Sports"
5/10/1993 WOR-The John Gambling Show, "Why People Get Irrationally Involved with Their Sports Teams"

Magazine Interviews on Sports

5/3/2015 The Ring Magazine, "Floyd Mayweather Jr's Antics:  What Might Be Behind them?"
3/1/2010 Family Circle Magazine, "Do Kids Need Athletes as Role Models?"
3/2/2009 Cigar Aficionado, "Sports Bad Boys"
11/30/2000 Newsweek, "Coaches Who Suffer Burnout"
7/17/2000 Newsweek, "Parents Behaving Badly"
2/1/2000 Newsweek, "Way, Way Out of Bounds"
1/7/1994 Newsweek, "Understanding Violent Attacks on Sports Heroes"

Newspaper Interviews on Sports

4/20/2020 Newark Star-Ledger, "Why the Baby Boomer Generation Has Been Knocked Sideways by the Corona Virus"
3/27/2020 Newsday, "Psychologists: Lack of Sports Takes Away a Key Outlet for Fans"
4/15/2015 USA Today, "A Fan's Guide to Tainted Athletes"
1/9/2015 USA Today, "Athletes, Learn From Hernandez"
10/11/2014 Fresno Bee, "Extra Points; Geno's Best isn't Good Enough for Rex"
5/24/2014 USA Today, "Johnny Manziel May Be Latest Victim of Frivolous Lawsuit"
10/13/2012 U.S. News World Report, "Scandal Hurts Armstrong But Doesn't Destroy Image"
2/29/2012 New Jersey Jewish News, "Ryan Braun Cleared, but Is He "Innocent"?"
1/9/2012 National Enquirer, "Tim Tebow"
11/20/2011 Associated Press, "Paterno Now a Tragic Figure: Reputation in Tatters"
6/14/2011 Denver Post, "Tim Tebow Draws Mass Appeal Among Women Fans"
11/10/2010 New Jersey Jewish News, "Mantle Who?"
5/10/2010 Boston Globe, "Lawrence Taylor and the Toxic Athlete Profile"
5/9/2010 Newsday, "Reviving the Question of Fame and Infamy"
4/8/2010 OP ED, McClatchey-Tribune News Service, "Will Tiger Woods be Viewed as Superman Again or Merely Clark Kent?"
4/1/2010 Ventura County Star, "Tiger's Comeback Not Like His Others"
3/25/2010 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Tiger Woods's Return to the Master's"
2/26/2010 USA Today, "Fans Still Love Their Sports, but Think Twice About Hero Worship"
12/27/2009 Ft. Worth Star Telegram, "Our Society's Idolization of Sports Heroes Invites Their Downfall"
12/16/2009 Associated Press, "Qualities That Made Woods So Successful on the Course Might Have Led to Downfall Off Of It"
12/3/2009 Associated Press, "Woods' Fall From Grace Rekindles Role-Model Debate"
The New Zealand Herald, "We're Standing By Our (Cheating) Men"
Atlanta Journal and Constitution, "Georgia Not Staying Away From Title Talk"
Associated Press, "The Mitchell Report on Steroids in Baseball"
9/10/2007 Tampa Tribute, "Public Adoration, Private Darkness"
Atlanta Journal and Constitution, "Michael Vick Dog Fighting Scandal"
6/27/2007 MTVnews, "Chris Benoit Murder-Suicide Case"
12/22/2006 Washington Times, "Divas in Sports"
12/21/2006 Bergen Record, "Celebrities Who Disown Their Prejudices"
11/14/2006 Colorado Springs Gazette, "Fall Guys:  Why Do America's Leaders and Heroes Topple in Scandal after Dirty Scandal?"
11/7/2006 Baltimore Sun, "Foul Play Stains School Athletics"
8/1/2006 Press Enterprise, "Doping Crisis Creating Increased Cynicism About Sports Accomplishments"
7/27/2006 McClatchey Washington Bureau, "Floyd Landis Doping Scandal and Its Effect on Kids"
7/28/2006 Associated Press, "Doping, Head-Butts and Brawls: Sports Fans Struggle to Keep Their Faith in the Stars"
7/17/2006 Kansas City Star, "Hero Worship in Sports"
5/10/2006 New Jersey Jewish News, "Barry Bonds as an Anti-Hero"
5/6/2006 Pittsburgh Sports Report, "Hard to Find...But Here to Stay"
2/8/2006 Toronto Globe, "NHL Gambling Probe"
10/25/2005 Broken Arrow Ledger, "Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols"
11/27/2004 New York Times, Letter to the Editor, "The Impact on Kids from the NBA Brawl"
8/5/2004 Los Angeles Times, "U.S. Olympic Athletes Asked to Tone Down Their Act"
1/22/2003 Oregonian News, "Athletes and Aggressive Behavior"
1/22/2002 Los Angeles Times, "Fans, Take Control of Your Lives--and Walk"
1/23/2002 Hartford Courant, "The Hockey Dad Murder Trial"
10/6/2001 NY Daily News, "Are Sports Heroes Less Important After the World Trade Center Tragedy?"
12/6/2000 Pittsburgh Tribune Review, "Coaches Leaving in the Middle of Seasons"
7/10/2000 Los Angeles Times, "Father Murders a Father After Kids Hockey Game"
10/9/1996 Gannett Newspapers, "Spectator Sports Psychology"
4/1/1996 USA Today, "Pro Sports Don't Score with These Guys"
10/3/1995 Florida Day Newspaper, "Why Some People React with Denial When Their Sports Heroes Fall from Grace"
1/12/1995 Atlanta Constitution, "The Damaging Effect of the Baseball Strike on Children's Views of Their Heroes"
10/16/1994 Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle, "After the Fall: What O.J. Simpson's Story Tells Us About Sports"
6/15/1994 Los Angeles Times, "When Heroes Fall: Illusion, Reality, and Heroes"
1/29/1994 Palm Beach Post, "Why Do Men Love Football?"

Online Interviews on Sports

04/27/20 Huffington Post video: "What We Lose From Sports Events Being Cancelled"
04/19/17 Huffington Post blog, "Inside the Mind of Aaron Hernandez"
10/26/16 Huffington Post blog, "The NFL and the Josh Brown Do Over Episode"
7/28/16 ABC-Clio, "Athlete Misconduct:Athletes as Role Models Who Should Be Held Liable For Their Actions"
11/11/2015 Huffington Post blog, "The Group Power of Athletes at Mizzou"
5/11/2015 Huffington Post blog, "Roger Goodell's Dilemma in Dealing With Tom Brady"
3/28/2015 Huffington Post blog, "Now Is The Time to Reinstate Pete Rose"
10/30/2014 ABCNews.com, "Why Some Sports Fans Turn to Vandalism Even After a Win"
9/23/2014 Livescience.com, "Are Pro Athletes Prone to Violence?"
9/4/2014 Huffington Post blog, "The NFL Finally Takes Violence Against Women Seriously"

Huffington Post blog, "The NFL is Running Backwards In Parity for Disciplinary Actions"

2/18/2014 Huffington Post blog, "Jonathan Martin: The Damaged Psyche of the Bullied Athlete"
8/7/2013 Huffington Post blog, "It's Not Just About A-Rod, It's About the Failure of PED Testing in MLB"
7/24/2013 Huffington Post blog, "Will Fans Really Care About the Ryan Braun Suspension?"
6/10/2013 Huffington Post, blog, "New P.E.D. Suspensions:  The Timing Is Off"
12/22/2012 WashingtonExaminer,com, "Seeking An Outlet Olympian Turned to Double Life"
8/8/2012 ABCNews.com, "Beach Volleyball Gold Medalists Seek Counseling to Get Over Funk"
8/7/2012 ABCNews.com, "Kids with Coaches for Parents: Troubled or Unfairly Scrutinized"
6/27/2012 Huffington Post blog, "Clemens's Acquittal Does Not Restore His Name"
3/5/2012 Campus Outreach Services Webinar. "Living on the Edge: Sports, Drugs and Risk Taking Behaviors".
2/29/2012 Huffington Post blog, "Aftermath of the Ryan Braun Saga"
7/20/2011 Huffington Post blog, "Roger Clemens and Casey Anthony: A Strange Connection"
4/21/2011 Huffington Post blog, "Why the Barry Bonds Verdict Matters"
11/25/2010 MSNBC.com, "Armstrong Investigators Weighing Politics Too"
10/27/2010 Huffington Post blog, "What's Wrong with Baseball?"
5/25/2010 Huffington Post blog, "Inside the Mind of Floyd Landis"
4/30/2010 Huffington Post blog, "Tiger Woods Bristles as a Victim"
4/27/2010 Huffington Post blog, "Roethlisberger Suspension Sends the Right Message"
12/3/2009 LATimes.com, "Superstars as Role Models: Tiger's Tribulations Reveal the Pitfalls of Hero Worship"
9/11/2008 Bloomberg News, "Armstrong Emulating Ali Makes Sad Career Ending"
3/11/2008 ABCnews.com, "Spitzer Shares Arrogance of Other Powerful Men"
2/12/2008 ESPN.com, "What's At Stake For Clemens? His Future Public Life"
2/7/2006 ESPN.com, "NHL Gambling Scandal"
9/26/2000 ABC News.com, "Preventive Strategies in Dealing with Sports Rage"
2/1/2000 APB News.com, "Women Often Targets of Athletes' Violence"


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3/2022 "Prudent Money Radio Show III": "Do You Understand the Emotional/Behavioral Side of Investing" KDKR Radio, 91.3 FM, Dallas,TX.
3/2022 "Stocks for Beginners" Podcast: Sydney, Australia
3/2022 "Shares for Beginners" Podcast: Overcoming Self-Defeating Patterns in Stock Market Investing
2/2022 "Go Banking Rates.com" :"Stop the Financial Self Sabotage: How to Change Your Money Mindset"
2/2022 "Prudent Money Radio Show II": "Are You Not Getting the Kind of Growth That You Want With Your Investments Today" KDKR Radio, 91.3 FM, Dallas,TX.
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5/2019 My Financial Counsel, "7 Keys to Finding a Financial Advisor You Can Trust"
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3/2019 WealthManagement.com, "Should Inheritances Be Equal or Fair?"
3/2019 WealthManagement.com, "Disinheriting an Heir"
11/2018 WealthManagement.com, "My Life as a Client: Not as Smart as They Seemed"
11/2017 Altfest Personal Wealth Management, "The Couple's Dilemma: How to Get on the Same Financial Page"
8/2016 Estates and Trusts Magazine, "Seven Psychological Issues of Bequests"
6/2016 Estates and Trusts Magazine, "Psychological Issues of Bequests"
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4/2016 Turn the page "Overcoming Self-Defeating Patterns in stock Market investing"


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